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John R Davenport
2099 Lincoln St.
Camden, NJ 08102

If you are wondering who is John Davenport you should understand this is a young entrepreneur who is extremely conscious of the environment and who has adopted a lifestyle which can be called eco-friendly in every way. If you are a lover of automobiles and like the nice things that keep you on the couch you certainly will not prefer to be friends with John because he prefers moving around on his bicycle and using solar power even in his home.
John is also conscious of his love for bicycles and makes an attempt to stay in touch with the latest developments in the bicycle world. John is an avid blogger and has his own blog on bicycles registered under the domain name bicyclearea.com where he gives information about different types of bicycles, which are presently available.
If you are interested in eco-friendly methods of commuting you certainly will be looking forward to visiting his blog for the latest information in the world of bicycles.
The days of cycling around on a 10 speed bicycle have long gone past because the models presently available are incredibly light, easily manageable and most importantly can take comfort and ergonomics to heights you never imagined before. They are identified as comfort hybrid bicycles and make it luxuriously comfortable for you to ride making it difficult for you to understand whether you should even ignore one just to stay in line with the current trends. As mentioned before these bicycles are incredibly light and are many times referred to as lightweight hybrid bicycles. If you are looking for an explanation of the difference between the two, you can rest assured you will not find a great deal. They are very nearly the same with one just having been designed for higher comfort while the other makes up for what has been ignored by way of lightness.