Giordano RS 700 Hybrid Bike – A Review

Giordano RS 700 Hybrid Bike
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Review Summary:

When looking forward to purchasing a hybrid bicycle you will definitely come across major brands, which are all making offers of different types. You will certainly have a choice to make because of the different varieties that are available on the market. The Giordano RS 700 hybrid bicycle is one of a kind and is being used by many because of the reputation it has. We see no reason why you should be overlooking this brand because it certainly classifies as being one among the best hybrid bicycles, which are available.

If you are considering the purchase of a hybrid bike you will come across many varieties on offer on the market. Most manufacturers would be claiming that they have the best hybrid bikes in the world. However, if you are looking for value for the money, you are investing; you are advised to consider the Giordano RS 700 hybrid bike because this bicycle has classy looks and is priced affordably. The frame is large and therefore, it can be called suitable for taller people. The bicycle is delivered to you partly assembled with the major parts all in place. Being manufactured by a producer from Italy, which has a history of cyclists you can rest assured that the bicycle will live up to the promises made. This will be a great investment and allow you the option of using it in any conditions you choose.

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Pros and Cons


  • Assembling the bicycle is quite easy with just a few minor adjustments required.
  • You just need to attach the front wheel, handlebar, seat and adjust the brakes all of which are well packed in a box.
  • You are likely to get a number of good compliments when you begin to use the bike. It is sturdy, has great strong brakes, high-quality tires and a great gear assembly.
  • The Giordano hybrid bicycle is available in two sizes namely medium and large, and you can select one best suited to your requirements.
  • You can also purchase any accessories you need with the bicycle manufactured by the same company.


  • Some consumers have complained about the bicycle being too tall for them. However, as mentioned earlier, this could be a problem related to conducting proper research before completing the purchase.
  • The wheels of the bicycle have been painted white for better looks. However, the breaking area of the rims has not been machined and this causes squeaking when braking, and the noises are quite high.
  • Some complaints about the pedals hitting the front wheel when making turns can also be seen. However, it is possible that people had assembled the bikes incorrectly and therefore, caused the pedals to come in contact with the front tire.
  • The sound created when braking is just related to the painted rims and has nothing to do with the quality of the bicycle.

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Benefits Of the Giordano Hybrid Bicycle

This is a sturdy bicycle, which is strong despite the small complaints, which have been made by consumers. It is easy to assemble with just a few tools of the basic variety. Being sturdy you can rest assured that the bicycle would provide great value for your money. The packaging is neat, and you are not likely to notice any major flaws. It is a great investment for the value it is offered for though it resembles some of the higher priced models, which you will definitely come across. You can certainly spend more money on the higher-priced bikes, but if you want a decent bicycle which not only looks good but also functions well and costs a fraction of the bikes off the expensive variety the Giordano RS 700 is the bicycle you should be looking forward to buying.

Features Of The Giordano RS 700

  • This bicycle has been equipped with a flat bar handlebar.
  • 700 C wheels are provided with the bike.
  • The bicycle has an aluminum frame and a steel fork.
  • The rims are made from aluminum.
  • Gear shifting is made easy by the 21 speed Shimano shifting.
  • It has been styled as "large" but is available in two sizes – large and medium.

Purchasing And Maintaining The Giordano RS 700

Purchasing hybrid bicycles is not difficult, and you are not likely to face any problems when you decide on the Giordano RS 700. However, you are advised to conduct proper research to understand whether you are placing an order for a product, which will be suitable for you. You may have to visit some stores within your locality to understand whether you are making a proper purchase, and this is simply because these bicycles are better suited for taller people. The matter gains even more importance if you have decided to place an online order for this bicycle. You will be required to conduct plenty of research before you place an order especially if you want to stay away from any disappointments.

Maintaining a hybrid bicycle is also an essential part, which you must never overlook. It is important for you to understand that you are using the bicycle in conditions, which could be varied and therefore, regular maintenance of the bicycle should not be neglected. If you do not have the technical knowledge of managing such tasks, you can easily take the bike to a store from where you can get it tuned up and even pick up information about how it needs to be maintained. Not indulging in the maintenance regularly will simply diminish the quality of the bicycle and could leave you with an investment, which you wouldn't consider worthy.

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Why Hybrid Bicycles Are Considered As Beneficial For You?

Quite a few people have been cycling around since a long time, and the advent of hybrid bicycles has only made their hobby a better one. People have realized the following after hybrid bicycles were introduced by a number of manufacturers. Some of the benefits mentioned are as follows:

  • The option of riding a hybrid bicycle is better than compared to a road bicycle.
  • Hybrid bicycles do not allow individuals the luxury of riding at high speeds but give them the option of using the bicycle in terrains not accessible by road bicycles.
  • They are easier to maneuver and allow people the ability to move faster even in crowded areas.
  • The classy looks of the bicycle can make people addicted to cycling and use an environmentally friendly way of commuting.
  • The introduction of hybrid bicycles and their popularity has made it possible for a number of people to save money which they would otherwise have spent on gas bills for their vehicles.
  • Hybrid bicycles have also made it possible for people to get some exercise throughout the day rather than laze around inside their vehicles.

The list of benefits which will be available are endless, and therefore, it will be up to people to try to understand how they can derive the maximum from the investment they decide to make.

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