How selecting and maintaining Hybrid bike wheels?

Significance of bike wheels cannot be denied for smooth and comfortable ride. This is the reason that experienced and professional cyclists focus on the quality and features of wheels while selecting an ideal hybrid bike. This post will focus on different types of wheels and their benefits for riders on different surfaces. Moreover, you will also find useful tips regarding maintenance of wheels.


700CC wheel

Things to be considered for hybrid bike wheels

Although, the hybrid bikes are manufactured for smooth and effortless drive on hilly and smooth areas and are included with features for all types of surfaces; however, some important points are necessary to be considered regarding wheels.

  • In the wheel parts, the first important thing is hub which is responsible for the performance of the bike. A best quality and finely manufactured hub allows smooth and effortless ride. So, a wheel with best quality hub must be installed.
  • After the hub, the next immediate part of a wheel is spokes maintaining the shape and alignment of the wheel. Moreover, spokes also provide smooth running to the bike. Spokes must be strong and according to the weight holding capacity of the bike.
  • Rim is also very important part of a hybrid bike wheel which is also responsible for smooth ride. Rims are manufactured with steel and aluminum material having single double and triple walls. The strength of wheel increases with number of walls but the quality and material are also important factor. So, quality and strength of rim must never be compromised.
  • Hybrid bikes are manufactured with specific wheel diameter and recommended the same for that particular bike. It is better to use the wheels with recommended diameter for your bike. Usually hybrid bikes for adults are manufactured with 700CC wheels.
  • The only part of a bicycle directly in contact with the ground is a tyre. The total weight of machine and rider is exerted over the tyre. The tyre is directly exposed to the surface and comes in contact with rough and tough ground. So, tyre must be top quality and according to the requirement of surface on which you are going to drive.

Important elements to be considered for hybrid bike tyre:

A hybrid bike is the ideal ride for mountainous as well as plan road surface. The cyclists can use hybrid bike for dual purpose. So, the tyres of a hybrid bike are manufactured for mountainous as well as road surface. The following qualities and features must be there in hybrid bike tyres to get the required results of cycling.

  • The hybrid bike is heavier than a normal road bike and all the parts are stronger. So, tyres must always be heavier than a road bicycle but slightly less dense than a mountain bike because hybrid is neither fully road bike nor a mountain bike.
  • Tyre surface is still controversial because some of the cyclists prefer plan tyres where as others like knobby tyres. What I recommend for the hybrid bike is knobby tyres because such tyres provide best road grip. Knobby tyres are best for safety point of view because these prevent slipping.
  • Unlike a mountain bike, hybrid or commuter bike need high tyre pressure. While selecting tyres it must be considered that you have picked a high pressure tyre. Pumping the tyres with high pressure reduce ground friction and makes paddling easy.
  • Wider tyres help in stable and comfortable cycling and most of the experienced cyclists recommend these tyres for hybrid bikes.
  • As the hybrid bikes are manufactured for dual purpose; therefore tubeless tyres are recommended to minimize the puncturing occurrences.

Maintenance of hybrid bike wheels:

Maintenance increases the life expectancy of parts and preserves the proper functioning of the bike. Here are some important tips regarding wheel maintenance of a hybrid/commuter bike.

  • Ball bearings provide friction free movement of the wheel and reduce paddling force. To maintain the functioning of ball bearings regular lubrication must be ensured.
  • Rough surface ride can loose spokes which can further lead to misalignment. Misalignment does not only affect the performance of the bike but also damages other parts like hub and rim. Regular check on spokes can be helpful in timely rectification of the issue.
  • Rims must be cleaned thoroughly after use to avoid corrosion in case of steel material.

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