Tips to buy a Hybrid bike with suitable size

Having a reliable and stylish bike is the choice of every youngster who wants to remain physically fit. The bicycle is not only a source of enjoyment but also keeps the rider active and healthy. Currently, hybrid bikes are trendy due to various types of features and benefits for riders regarding health and fitness. But the only way to get required benefits of riding a hybrid bike is to have perfect size of bike. How to check size and how to select a perfect hybrid bike is what you will find in the subsequent paragraphs. I am confident to say that after reading this post you can get an idea for the selection of correct size bike according to your built and height.


Hybrid bike size for kid

How to select hybrid bike size for kids?

 Selection of bike size for kids is comparatively difficult because of their increasing height. Due to this factor kids feel problems for riding a bike which is not matching to their height. Here is the step by step guide for selecting a suitable size of bicycle for your kids.

  • The first important step is to measure the height of kid and correlate with size chart of the hybrid bikes, usually available at every online and traditional store.
  • Size chart provides you with the exact size for a suitable bike. If you buy the hybrid bike according to the size chart, your lovely kid will feel comfortable and will take interest in riding.
  • Usually, a bike selected with exact size creates problem in riding when your child grows up and gains height. So, you need a big size bike which is an extra load on your pocket. To cope with this issue, always select a bike with size adjustment feature. Size adjustment feature is very useful because you can adjust the height of your hybrid bike where your child feels more comfortable.
  • Hybrid bikes with size adjustment feature can suffice the kid’s requirements for longer duration and you do not need to buy a new bike for longer period.

How to select hybrid bike size for men?

Selection of best and suitable size of hybrid bike for men is easy but need full attention because you have to buy a bike to last long. Height increase factor does not affect the size of hybrid bike for men. Below are some simple steps to select a suitable size of hybrid bike for men.


Hybrid bike size for men

  • Size chart is very supportive to choose suitable size of hybrid bike. So, while purchasing a hybrid bike from online store or local market, size chart must be consulted.
  • Before consulting the size chart, you must confirm your exact height. You can check your height by standing apposite to a wall. Your back must touch the wall and stand upright with stretched posture. Mark the point on the wall at your head top with the help of a friend.
  • It should be kept in mind that you have stretched your body at maximum level to measure accurately. The size of bike selected with maximum height provides you with upright position on the seat and smooth pedaling.
  • A bike with adjustable seat is always beneficial even you buy a bike with correct size according to your height. So, preferably select a bicycle with adjustable seat.
  • Hybrid bikes are manufactured with small, medium, large and extra large sizes for men with different heights. Men have lot of options to select suitable bike but still accurate measurements are mandatory.

How to select hybrid bike size for women?

Although the height measuring method for men and women is the same but selection of bike size varies with the genders. Ladies hybrids bikes are also varying in deign and shape from male bikes.


Hybrid bike size for women

  • The ladies bicycles are manufactured in x-small, small medium and large sizes.
  • Usually companies offer size chart for ladies hybrid bikes which is available on shops and websites. Ladies can also select a suitable size according to their height.
  • The guidelines mentioned in men hybrid bike portion almost apply on both the genders. So, ladies can measure their height as per procedure given in the previous paragraphs.

Ladies bikes are manufactured with narrower handlebar but some ladies prefer longer and wider handlebars. Such ladies have two option for their rides; either they can select a male bike or customize a female bike by replacing the handlebar.

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