What to wear while cycling?

Riding a bicycle includes lot of benefits from different points of views. Many people ride bicycles to save their money because it is the cheapest vehicle in the world. Some people ride the bicycle to remain fit and active. Some people ride the bicycle for fun and enjoyment and some people ride for adventures. Hybrid has manufactured many models and designs of bikes for every category of riders.

Many people ask questions about dresses and accessories for cycling. Even though, no dress has been specified for cycling; however, experience riders recommend some particular gears to get real benefits of cycling. In this article, I have spotlighted some gears for save and enjoyable riding.

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Gear for leisure/comfort hybrid bike

People buy comfort hybrid bike to kill the leisure time; especially on weekends when they are free. The purpose of riding a comfort hybrid is to enjoy the cycling. Normally, people wear routine gears when riding comfort hybrid; however, they need safety and security as well.

  • Comfort hybrid rider should wear smart and active dress but allow sufficient movements of extremities to control the bike.
  • Never wear slack and slippery shoes when riding a bike. Boot/shoes with clipper and straps are recommended to ride even a comfort bike.
  • Never ignore the importance of head gears when riding a bike. Use a best quality, reliable and shockproof helmet when riding a bike.

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Gears for city hybrid bike

City hybrid bike is a fast and active bike as compare to a comfort bike. More security and safety is required when riding a city bike. As you ride the city bike through busy roads and streets, you need best quality gears for city hybrid. For city hybrid bike, you must avoid routine dresses and footwear because you are directly exposed to the general city traffic.

  • As mentioned above in the comfort bike, you must wear active and smart dress. Loose clothes are unsafe because you may interfere with the passing by traffic on the road.
  • Similarly, wear tight and protective shoes having sufficient resistance against impact forces. Moreover, shoes must have best grip on the paddles.
  • Helmet is the most important accessory of city hybrid riders for the safety on the busy roads and streets.
  • To minimize injuries in case of accident wear protective equipments on knees and elbows. These joints are more prone to injuries in roadside accidents.

Gears for performance or sports hybrid bike

Performance or sports bike gains high speed and need extra protection and safety while riding. Furthermore, you also need to enhance your performance; therefore, all sport bike rider wear special dresses and accessories.

  • The aim of riding sports bike is to win the race and stunts. Air friction is the basic factor for every cyclist. To minimize this factor, silky and frictionless dress is recommended for sports cyclists. Smart and frictionless dress allows the rider to gain maximum speed as per his/her capability.
  • Lightweight with sloppy upper boots are recommended for better performance and minimum friction. Sole with sufficient grip on the paddles must be ensured.
  • All protective gears, including crash helmet, knee/elbow covers and glasses should be reliable and manufactured for sports riders.

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